Re-installing Windows 10


Last year I took advantage of Microsoft's free promotion to upgrade my Windows 8 laptop to Windows 10.

But after several months had passed, I started having some major issues including the inability to rename folders.

That and other issues convinced me that it was time to backup all my personal files and then wipe and reinstall Windows.

However I wasn't quite sure how to go about doing this as I only had the original Windows 8 disk that came with my laptop?

Then I stumbled upon a great Windows 10 feature:

It seems that Microsoft foresaw the need to complete erase and reinstall Windows 10, and placed all the install files (the equivalent of install DVD) in a protected hard drive partition making reinstalling the OS a breeze.

Re-install Windows 10 using the “Reset This PC” Feature:

Step 1) To find this feature, first search for “Settings”:

Step 2) Next, select “Update & Security”:

Step 3) Then choose “Recovery” and then “Reset this PC”:

Step 4) Finally, choose between “Keep My Files” and “Remove Everything”:

In my case I decided to backup everything myself and then use the “Remove Everything” option, and after stepping through the remaining prompts I let my laptop run overnight.

So if you also took advantage of Microsoft free Windows 10 update and later want to wipe and reinstall the operating system I hope you find the above procedure helpful.


Shawn Tierney


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