Setting your PC for a Static IP Address


Need to set your PC to a static IP address in order to connect to another Ethernet device which has a different IP Address? Just follow the below steps in Windows 10 (also works in Windows 7:)

Step 1) Open the Windows Control Panel

Step 2) Change “View By” to “Large Icons” (if set to “Category”)

Step 3) Click on Networks and Sharing Center

Step 4) Click on “Change Adapter Settings”

Step 5) Double Click on your Ethernet network adaptor

Step 6) Click on “Properties”

Step 7) Double Click on TCP/IPv4

Step 8) Select “Use the following IP address”

Step 9) Enter in your desired IP Address and Subnet mask.

Note: If you are connecting directly to another device you will not need a Default Gateway. This is only used if you will be communicating through a Gateway, Router, or Bridge. Also, typically you will only need the DNS servers if you will be connecting to the Internet.

Step 10) Now click on “OK,” then “OK,” then “Close.”

Below you can watch an expanded video of the above procedure:

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